About Me

“Trev Meaney is a genius” Mark Grist  “I saw him first” Dreadlock Alien Poet (BBC Radio 3)

“One of the funniest acts I’ve ever seen” Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Eyup, hello, hi, how’s it going? Y’alright?

My name is Trev/Trevor, either way not fussed! I guess I’m some kind of performance poet or summit then. I ruddy well enjoy it, I know that much. I have performed at various venues throughout the country, including festivals such as Kendal Calling, Manchester Comedy Festival, Wychwood Festival, Wenlock Poetry Festival and so forth (hate that phrase). I’ve also taken part quite a few poetry/spoken word slams. They are great fun and very scary but in a good way. I’ve won quite a few of them as well, including…

Word War heats (2015 and 2016)

Common Word heat (2015)

Wenlock Poetry Festival slam 2014

Hammer and Tongue Edfringe Slam 2013

OUTSPOKEN in association with Apples and Snakes 2013

Farrago Feb’ 2013 slam

Spotlight in association with the Arts Council (2011 and 2013)

In 2014 I took my one man show ‘Meaney’s Mouth Burst’ up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I have also performed in Blackpool as part of the Word Pool Festival and as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe.

In 2015 I was asked to write a specially commissioned poem for the documentary ‘Do You Own The Dancefloor’ which has toured Nationally and features the likes of Liam Gallagher and DJ Mike Pickering amongst many others.http://www.doyouownthedancefloor.co.uk/

As well as performing whenever and wherever, I also hold poetry and creative workshops for young people and adults which I am happy to do anywhere (hint hint).  I have done poetry writing workshops at Lancaster prison. I have also delivered poetry writing workshops to young people as part of the ‘Listening to Youth’ project in association with Spotlight and the Arts Council.

Anyway that’s enough about me, I’m starting to bore myself now. Please feel free to browse around this mega cool wordpress owned site and get in touch and so forth (that phrase again!)




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